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Dive Into Harrowdeep With Path to Glory

Hello, Gloryseekers!

Aman and Jonathan here, welcoming you into Harrowdeep, the 5th season of Warhammer Underworlds.

It’s amazing that a whole season has passed since we launched this website and with our Enter The Direchasm article. It’s been a fun season with lots of warband and card reviews, FaR list breakdowns, Meta Updates, and lots of Podcasts, and we are looking forward to another year writing and talking about the game we all love to play. Special thanks to our Patreon supporters and Path to Glory Discord members–you make all of this possible, and have really helped us keep the motivation going over the last year or so of Lockdowns!

As always, our goals are to do what we can to improve on and dig into the topics of Competitive Gaming, Player Development, and Community Growth, and we hope you will enjoy this season with us whether you are a new player, or seasoned veteran.


Descend Into Harrowdeep


Games Workshop was kind enough to send us copies of the starter set to review, so to start this season off with a splash, we have prepared the below series of articles to bring you everything you might need to know as you dive into the new season!


We hope you enjoy these articles, and would love your feedback on anything you think we may have left out, or could do better in the future. Feel free to leave us a comment here, or feel free to reach out to us on our Discord channel.

We are very excited to enter this new season of Underworlds with you and to find out what the Harrowdeep has in store for us all.

As always, we wish you the best of luck on YOUR Path to Glory!

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