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Rising Threat – Cyreni’s Razors Review

Intro Second up in our release coverage is Cyreni’s Razors, our second Idoneth warband in the game. While I’m not typically a fan of the aesthetic of aelves,  Idoneth are some of the few I can get behind. I like the Soulraid models, and these follow that mold pretty nicely, with the exception that we […]

Wild Impetus – Breakneck Slaughter Rivals Deck Review

Intro Dipping into the Rivals decks, we have Breakneck Slaughter, which was again promised to us as an aggro deck and this time definitely delivered on that promise. Even with a plot card, I’m pretty excited for this one, they packed some pretty interesting mechanics in here. With some of the cards in here, I’m […]

Indulgence Given Form – Thricefold Discord Review

Intro Hello and welcome back to Path to Glory for yet another weekend of release coverage! While I’ve historically done a writeup for the new boards, rules updates, etc., there’s not so many changes this time, so I feel we’re alright with the coverage from the podcast on that. Make sure to give it a […]

Ice Age – Force of Frost Review

Intro Alright everybody, chill. Obligatory pun and reference out of the way (those who don’t get it aren’t missing much), welcome to my first full article for Path to Glory. I must say, on my first readthrough of these cards I was a bit lukewarm, because I was quite ready to give the cold shoulder to […]

Portents of Doom – Paths of Prophecy Rivals Deck Review

Intro Hello all and welcome back to Path to Glory! Apologies for the delay on our Paths of Prophecy review, our copy arrived at Aman’s place shortly before I was about to go to bed Friday night, but we’re caught up now! I’m very glad to see that GW finally released a hold objective-focused deck. […]

Corrupting the Land – Skabbik’s Plaguepack Review

Intro Skabbik! Rickitt! Ickitt! Bop-It! Am I dating myself with that one? Pretty pumped today to be reviewing some more Skaven with our first Underworlds foray into Clan Pestilens: Skabbik’s Plaguepack. You guys know me, I’m a sucker for more Skaven, so I’m very excited for this box, not just for its aesthetics but also […]

Threatening Presence – Voidcursed Thralls Rivals Deck Review

Intro Next up we have the Voidcursed Thralls Rivals deck, which I have to say is one of the more unique themes they’ve gone for with a deck. The idea of spreading this curse to both friendly and enemy fighters in an effort to score objectives or unlock power card effects makes for an interesting […]

Off With Their Head! – The Headsmen’s Curse Review

Intro Today is a special day because it marks the first time (thanks to Path to Glory, and of course GW) that I have been able to release a review article for a new release on the day the pre-order actually goes live. I have to say, I much prefer doing it this way! In […]

They Keep Coming! – Sepulchral Guard 2.0 Review

Intro An exciting time to be an Underworlds player! Not only do we have the brand new Headsman’s Curse and Voidcursed Thralls Rivals Deck being released, but we also have a new Starter Set. For the first time ever, this box returns two familiar faces with the Sepulchral Guard and Farstriders. While I initially expected, […]

Ceaseless Volley – Farstrider 2.0 Review

Intro While you certainly may have read these in any order, the last article I’ve written for this cycle is the review for Farstriders 2.0. Again, it’s great to see an old warband getting some love in the form of a revamp, although I have to admit I am less excited for these than I […]