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Inside the Box: Khagra’s Ravagers

Hello, Gloryseekers!

Jonathan here, with my product review of the new Khagra’s Ravagers expansion!

Games Workshop was kind enough to send me a copy of this product to review, so here we go!

In this review I will be covering my thoughts on the physical contents of the box, and my general opinion of this product. For more in depth tactical thoughts and advice on how to play the warband, or a tactical review of the universals, check out the more game-play oriented card and warband reviews here:

Who are Khagra’s Ravagers?

Khagra’s Ravagers is the 29th warband in Warhammer Underworlds, belong to the overall faction of Chaos, and the Slaves to Darkness sub-faction.

Led by Khagra, the ravagers have come to Direchasm to prove their worth to the chaos gods by desecrating the mountain and hopefully reach the end of their chaotic Path to Glory!

There is also some drama between the members of the warband (which is also reflected in how some of their cards work – very cool!), with the two sisters, Khagra and Zarshia, competing over who gets to be in charge, which Razek and Cragan seemingly happy to follow whichever is in charge at the moment.

This is explained in the lore card that comes with the warband shown here:

I think the back story is neat, and I like that the way they play can also reflect the background. I think I’ll be rooting for Zarshia in my games!

What Comes In The Box?

The warband box contains:

  • The miniatures for the warband’s 4 fighters
  • A page of instructions on how to put them together
  • 4 fighter cards
  • 32 faction cards
  • 1 Desecration token rules card
  • The above lore card
  • 30 universal cards

Notably, the box does not come with anything to use as Desecration tokens (though you can find Desecration tokens can be found in the Direchasm Counter Set).

–From the Counter Set

The Miniatures

Here are some pictures of the sprues for these miniatures. They are a dark grey color slightly darker than the typical Games Workshop sprue color.

Overall the models were fairly easy to put together. However, Zarshia’s staff is VERY thin, so I definitely recommend being very careful while assembling and handling her miniature. Khagra, Cragan, and Razek went together very easily. I don’t think you have to use glue on these minis to keep them together, but I think some plastic glue to hold the chests and limbs to the miniature is a good idea.

Here are the assembly instructions:

Here are my completed models!

Final Thoughts

Overall I think the Khagra’s Ravagers set is a good one, with the notable issue of not including anything to use as a Desecration token. I understand that you could use the double sided wound tokens that come in the starter set, or the counter set, or use something else as the tokens, but overall it seems strange that the warband doesn’t come with everything that you need to play with it. That said, most players will have at least the counters from the starter box, if not the counter set, so it’s not really a problem.

The miniatures and cards themselves look very cool. Games Workshop did a great job giving each fighter their own style while still hitting overall look of the slaves to darkness just right, and the card art and flavor text is great as well.

The warband looks like it will be fun to try out on the tabletop played in an aggressive style, so I would recommend this product to anyone that is a fan of chaos, aggro, sibling rivalries, and desecration!

Thanks for Reading!

I am very grateful to Games Workshop for allowing me to review this product.

If you liked this review, great!

If you would like to pre-order, head on down to your local Warhammer Store or gaming store. If you prefer to shop online, check them out here

If there is anything else about the content of the box I can cover next time, or if you think I missed anything, let me know for next time!


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