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Deathgorge – Rules Updates

The NINTH season of Warhammer Underworlds has arrived and with it brought subzero temperatures, cool new rules, and two amazing warbands. In this short article, I’ll be detailing the changes that have been implemented for the newest season of our beloved game.

Be sure to read our written reviews on this site as well as listen to our podcast, which is linked at the bottom of every page on this site. If you’d like to follow along and give the rulebook a read for yourself, check out my copy that I ripped apart and scanned for your viewing pleasure.


Feature Tokens (pg. 26)

The extra feature tokens are now cover/blocked instead of cover/snare hexes and cannot be flipped from cover to blocked while occupied by a fighter. This is potentially a big buff for Fearsome Fortress, as you can effectively generate a board with a 3-hex offset again if you place a blocked hex in no-one’s territory. It can also create narrow chokepoints when longboarding, in conjunction with Fearsome Fortress. 

This is also a buff to cards which enable token flipping (or disable it), as you can potentially block off a hex your opponent was planning to stand in while also disabling LoS in some instances, or conversely flip a blocked hex back to a cover if your opponent’s plan was to take advantage of all the blocked spots.

Keep in mind, at the end of each round, all blocked hex tokens are removed, meaning plunder becomes even more interesting and stacking cards to place available tokens is more viable. 

Vulnerable (pg. 35)

There has been added clarification to the vulnerable keyword stating that a fighter with a Wounds characteristic of 1 cannot be vulnerable. This was previously stated in the errata, but now is officially in the rulebook. Great quality of life improvement. 

Plunder (pg. 36)

Originally, there needed to be an objective removed from play in order for you to plunder. Now, this reaction may be used to place any available feature token onto the battlefield where the target was when you killed them. Additionally, if you place an objective token in this way, you have the freedom to decide whether or not you would like the cover or objective side face up. 

This is a great buff to The Shadeborn, Fearsome Fortress, and provides decent exploration synergy for delvers surges now you can much more feasibly score [whu card type image iconPathfinders]Pathfinders card image - hover and/or [whu card type image iconCautious Venture]Cautious Venture card image - hover even when the gambits don’t line up. 

Superactions (pg. 37)

Text was added to confirm that a super action is not considered to be an action itself. This is mostly important for cards like [whu card type image iconTrain Them Up]Train Them Up card image - hover and was already covered in the August errata to an extent when replacing “charge action” with “charge superaction.”

Barge (pg. 38)

Barge was clarified to be a superaction: a move action followed by a stun action. This is yet another blow to Marcov and Regulus (Exiled Dead), as not only can you not charge during Puppeteer rules as written, you also now cannot barge. 

Charge (pg. 39)

Speaking of blows to the Exiled Dead, text was added to confirm that when a fighter with a charge token is activated, that fighter cannot make superactions. This was in an errata but great to have it in the rulebook. Important to note, with the addition of some new rules, that now you can make move actions after you have charged. Keep in mind that that is only possible if all your fighters have a charge token already. 

Delve (pg. 42) 

You can now only delve once per power step. This is a huge hit to cards like [whu card type image iconSudden Revelation]Sudden Revelation card image - hover, as not only are you unable to delve the cover/blocked tokens. 

Reaction Chains (pg. 48)

A diagram was added to clarify how a reaction chain propagates. Great stuff really and helps clarify this for everyone, including newer players. 

Plot Card Restriction (pg. 53)

It was made official in relic deck building section that you may only use a single universal deck that has a plot card. This previously was only in the relic format document so nice to see it has transitioned to the rulebook. 


Those were all the changes the team caught in the rulebook. If we missed something, we will add it to this article upon realization. Please check out our other content if you’re interested in hearing our thoughts. Mark has written articles that review The Thricefold Discord, Cyreni’s Razors, and the Breakneck Slaughter rivals deck. George has written his first official article where he reviews the other rivals deck, Force of Frost. And of course, you can listen to Zach, George, and myself on the podcast.

Enjoy the Deathgorge. It’s going to be a great season. As always, best of luck on YOUR Path to Glory!!


Written and Edited by: Aman Khusro

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