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Starblood Stalkers’ Hold Objective List

Hey everyone, quick article today but I wanted to talk about this Starblood Stalkers’ list I put together and have had relative success with. I’ve been reading Facebook, Discord, and Reddit and it seem people have been struggling with the warband a bit. I also think deck building can be a bit tricky with them considering they’ve got a lot of tools. They also have cards that look great on paper but can be “traps” when putting together a cohesive strategy.

The goal today is to provide you a core foundation upon which you can build and edit to your preference.

Here’s the list:

To be succinct, the idea is to score off holding objectives. Not only do their numbers assist in that strategy, they also have the speed to get to unfavorably placed objective tokens as well. As you can see, the “speed package” is there as well to further assist in the fact that you will score glory while doing what you want to do: score even more glory in the end phase.

I’m not going to go do a deep dive into the list as I believe it is pretty straightforward. However, I do believe that you should keep a couple things in mind…

  • You’ve got 6 fighters so make sure you pick a board in which, at least, half of them are safe from enemy charges. There will always be one spot open on the board so try to set up in a way in which you leave your opponent guessing as to where that empt spot may be in order to gain a quick edge off the bat.


  • Unless you are playing Feed the Beastgrave/Coveted Spoils, Kixi-Taka isn’t too important of a fighter. Generally I place him, Klaq-Trok, and Otapatl at the front, when necessary, to mitigate incoming damage. Opponents will often go for those 3 fighters so giving them “tunnel vision” for a bit isn’t a bad thing while you move the other skinks on to objectives. Often I will charge Kixi-Taka into enemy territory to get an objective because he is more survivable than the rest un-inspired. Do be careful about giving up Primacy, though.


  • Klaq-Trok will go down so your goal with him is to be as big of a distraction/nuisance/threat you can. Often I get 2 charges with him a game so make sure you take the appropriate risk (and ensure you have the accuracy you need) to make them hit.


  • Remember to use the Skittish rule! You can often create positioning setups in which your opponent charges a juicer target (think Otapatl) which allows you to jump onto an objective.


  • Lastly, you will lose fighters. However it won’t matter as much if you’ve scored a bunch of cards. I have often won games with 1 fighter standing. There’s 20 glory built in, make it count.


In terms of matchups, it may be hard to counter fast and hard aggro builds like Wild Hunt, Rippa’s Snarlfangs, and even Grashrak’s Despoilers. It sometimes may behoove you to go on the offensive and hope for a lucky move token from Otapatl. I think if you are facing one of the warbands from what I call the “Elite 4”, I think you’ve got enough glory generation to seize the day. This particularly applies to games against Morgok’s Krushas, Mollog’s Mob, and Lady Harrow’s Mournflight. The Grymwatch will probably give you a hard time given the fact that the Duke is a monster, because Beast Trail works insanely well with his range 2 attack, and because their fighters can come back.

I hope this list helps you with your games and gives you a platform to spring board off of. Best of luck in the depths of the Direchasm and on YOUR Path to Glory!


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