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Enter the Direchasm With Path to Glory!

Welcome to the Path to Glory website! As a part of our constantly evolving Underworlds content creation journey, the two of us at Path to Glory (Aman and Jonathan) have decided to combine and consolidate our previous blogging efforts to this website! Our previous blogging projects on Hexes & Warbands and Well of Power will […]

The Importance of Matchup Knowledge – Bacon’s Bits

Intro Hello and welcome back for another serving of Bacon’s Bits, the article series where I get to dig into a niche Underworlds topic and weigh in with my opinion. For today’s discussion, I’ll be covering a topic that is very much not “new,” but something that I wanted to look at in a bit […]

Malevolent Masks vs. Rimelocked Relics – Bacon’s Bits

Intro Welcome back for another serving of Bacon’s Bits, the article series where I get to dig into a niche Underworlds topic and weigh in with my opinion. For today’s discussion, I’ll be focusing on Nemesis deckbuilding with the Rimelocked Relics (RR) deck and its comparison to Malevolent Masks (MM). While I will confess to […]

Final Say – Bacon’s Bits

Intro I bet you weren’t expecting an article shortly after such a heavy release cycle! Well, as always, when I’m motivated by a topic, I get an itch to type out my thoughts and figure they ought not go to waste. To satisfy this urge, I have decided to kick off the “Bacon’s Bits” article […]

The Brethren of the Bolt Review

One of our two Wintermaw warbands, for the first time in a long time we have a core box warband that just doesn’t spark with me. I’m sure at least some of you aren’t shocked to hear that, as two folks in a trench coat just isn’t the kind of jolt you want from a […]

Rimewyrm’s Bite Rivals Deck Review

Again, not knowing which of these you might read first (or at all), I feel compelled to write a thank you to my co-hosts, who really came through and wrote up several of the review articles for what was a pretty frantic release schedule. For me, Rimewyrm’s Bite is my second and final responsibility for […]

Hungering Parasite Rivals Deck Review

Welcome back for even more new releases as we attempt to catch up with a brand new core set. You’ll have noticed we have split up the writing duties for this one, so thanks to my co-hosts for helping me out with a whirlwind of a release. For this one, we’re covering the new Hungering […]

The Skinnerkin Review

Death factions in Warhammer Underworlds come in all shapes and flavors, but we haven’t been graced by the nobility of the Flesh Eater Courts in quite some time. The Skinnerkin bring a different style of play compared to their Grymwatch cousins, and indeed perhaps a new style of play for Death warbands in general. These […]

Rimelocked Relics Rivals Deck Review

I realize you all may not be able to tell the order in which I’ve written these articles, but, for reference, this is the sixth and final article I’ve written in this cycle. The reason I say that is because, despite how generally thrilled I am with the revamps and Zondara, I truly believe that […]

Zondara’s Gravebreakers Review

Intro Now we have the long-awaited release of Zondara’s Gravebreakers, a warband whose unique mechanics immediately piqued a lot of interest upon their reveal (myself included). I tend to be a bit of a sucker for death warbands, specifically ones with lots of skeletons, but I quite like the look of these despite the fact […]

Rivals of the Mirrored City – Thorns of the Briar Queen

Intro For a bit different of a slant on this release cycle, I’ve copy-pasted my “love letter” to GW for these 4 articles, as I don’t want it to be missed if you end up only reading the ones on warbands that interest you. Holy new releases, Batman! A very pleasant surprise in the pre-release […]