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The Skinnerkin Review

Death factions in Warhammer Underworlds come in all shapes and flavors, but we haven’t been graced by the nobility of the Flesh Eater Courts in quite some time. The Skinnerkin bring a different style of play compared to their Grymwatch cousins, and indeed perhaps a new style of play for Death warbands in general. These […]

Zondara’s Gravebreakers Review

Intro Now we have the long-awaited release of Zondara’s Gravebreakers, a warband whose unique mechanics immediately piqued a lot of interest upon their reveal (myself included). I tend to be a bit of a sucker for death warbands, specifically ones with lots of skeletons, but I quite like the look of these despite the fact […]

Rivals of the Mirrored City – Thorns of the Briar Queen

Intro For a bit different of a slant on this release cycle, I’ve copy-pasted my “love letter” to GW for these 4 articles, as I don’t want it to be missed if you end up only reading the ones on warbands that interest you. Holy new releases, Batman! A very pleasant surprise in the pre-release […]

The Headsmen’s Curse Review

Intro Today is a special day because it marks the first time (thanks to Path to Glory, and of course GW) that I have been able to release a review article for a new release on the day the pre-order actually goes live. I have to say, I much prefer doing it this way! In […]

Sepulchral Guard 2.0 Review

Intro An exciting time to be an Underworlds player! Not only do we have the brand new Headsman’s Curse and Voidcursed Thralls Rivals Deck being released, but we also have a new Starter Set. For the first time ever, this box returns two familiar faces with the Sepulchral Guard and Farstriders. While I initially expected, […]

Sons of Velmorn

Zach: It’s a new season of Underworlds, and that means my favorite thing – a new Death Warband! This time around, rather than a horde Warband like Sepulchral Guard, Thorns of the Briar Queen, Grymwatch, or Kainan’s Reapers, we get a semi-elite team of Grave Guard led by a Wight King (and their father!), the […]

The Exiled Dead

Well, they say when it rains it pours and that is certainly very true with Warhammer Underworlds. While most of us were expecting the final warband of the Harrowdeep season, we ended up getting a lot more than that. This article is part of a bunch of articles going live on the website today including […]

Warband Review: Kainan’s Reapers

The Direchasm train keeps pumping along as we’ve got out 7th warband on the season up for pre-order this coming weekend. Kainan’s Reapers are the first Ossiarch Bonereaper (OBR) warband to hit the Underworlds and they certainly do not disappoint! I’ll be covering the fighter cards and rate all the faction specific objectives, gambits, and […]

Inside the Box: Kainan’s Reapers

Hello, Gloryseekers! Jonathan here, with my product review of the new Kainan’s Reapers expansion! Games Workshop was kind enough to send me a copy of this product to review, so here we go! In this review I will be covering my thoughts on the physical contents of the box, and my general opinion of this […]

Card Review: Kainan’s Reapers Universals

Hello, Gloryseekers! Jonathan here, with a review of the Universal cards found in the Kainan’s Reapers expansion. Thank you to Games Workshop for providing me a preview copy to review. While I can’t get into the physical contents just yet, I can go over all the cards previewed over at Warhammer Community, and you will […]