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The Brethren of the Bolt Review

One of our two Wintermaw warbands, for the first time in a long time we have a core box warband that just doesn’t spark with me. I’m sure at least some of you aren’t shocked to hear that, as two folks in a trench coat just isn’t the kind of jolt you want from a […]

Hungering Parasite Rivals Deck Review

Welcome back for even more new releases as we attempt to catch up with a brand new core set. You’ll have noticed we have split up the writing duties for this one, so thanks to my co-hosts for helping me out with a whirlwind of a release. For this one, we’re covering the new Hungering […]

The Skinnerkin Review

Death factions in Warhammer Underworlds come in all shapes and flavors, but we haven’t been graced by the nobility of the Flesh Eater Courts in quite some time. The Skinnerkin bring a different style of play compared to their Grymwatch cousins, and indeed perhaps a new style of play for Death warbands in general. These […]