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The Brethren of the Bolt Review

One of our two Wintermaw warbands, for the first time in a long time we have a core box warband that just doesn’t spark with me. I’m sure at least some of you aren’t shocked to hear that, as two folks in a trench coat just isn’t the kind of jolt you want from a […]

Rimewyrm’s Bite Rivals Deck Review

Again, not knowing which of these you might read first (or at all), I feel compelled to write a thank you to my co-hosts, who really came through and wrote up several of the review articles for what was a pretty frantic release schedule. For me, Rimewyrm’s Bite is my second and final responsibility for […]

Hungering Parasite Rivals Deck Review

Welcome back for even more new releases as we attempt to catch up with a brand new core set. You’ll have noticed we have split up the writing duties for this one, so thanks to my co-hosts for helping me out with a whirlwind of a release. For this one, we’re covering the new Hungering […]

Rivals Format: Initial Thoughts and Deck Rankings

Hello Gloryseekers, Jonathan here. Games Workshop recently announced that Harrowdeep, the 5th season of Warhammer Underworlds, will include a new way to play the game aimed at new players: Rivals Format. In this article I will be covering how the format works, what my thoughts on and hopes are for the format, and go over […]